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About Us

The Business Opportunity Show showcases some of the best ventures in commerce.

Our Goal is to encourage entrepreneurship in unique eco-friendly business ventures from around the world. We analyze their money making potential, and explain and evaluate the risk and reward of each of the business opportunities shown on our show.

Our mission is to cut all the hype, and get straight to the point with a no nonsense approach that will help guide you to invest in the business opportunities that make sense.

Also, did you know that two-thrids of ALL JOBS created in the United States, are created by small businesses? That's right, two-thirds!

Just because a company could be a well known franchise does not mean that they are a unique and viable business opportunity to invest in. There are thousands of business opportunities out there, therefore we take the extra time, and the tension to investigate each and every company that is highlighted on The Business Opportunity Show.

We all know that getting into business for yourself is never always easy and we also know that there is always a certain element of risk involved. What we try to do is help you decide what would be considered a good risk as opposed to a bad risk.

Our Show is all about credibility. Period.

To get more information about being on our show please visit the contact page.